UMK - United Manganese of Kalahari

Corporate Social Investment

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is an integral part of UMK. We believe that every upliftment project implemented by our company contributes to the creation of the South African promise of a “better life for all”. With this in mind, we continuously strive to strengthen our commitment to sustainable development by building mutually beneficial relations with our stakeholders and contributing to the communities within which we operate.

Our CSI initiatives span over a number of categories, including education, small business development and community infrastructure development. Education is the primary focus area of our CSI initiatives, as we believe in providing the leaders of tomorrow with every possible advantage, education being the key.  Upliftment projects initiated in the communities within which we operate also aims at providing community members with opportunities to truly empower themselves. Participation in Infrastructure Development Projects also go a long way towards making a sustainable difference.

CSI Community Programmes: